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Lover of Coffee and People. Sharing pictures and video of both. Mostly personal, family and friend related updates.

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Good morning! It’s coffee time, Who’s in? (Taken with Instagram)

The Roasterie, bike rack. I may have to ride my bike here just so I can park it in a mug.. (Taken with Instagram at The Roasterie Cafe)

1st visit to Homer’s on Red Bridge. Hmmmmm… (Taken with Instagram at Homer’s Coffee House)

Saw this on my morning walk just now. Beautiful and strong. (Taken with Instagram)

It rained last night and Caleb and I are happy it did! 👋👍 (Taken with Instagram)

Is it too early to start celebrating Christmas? (Taken with Instagram)

This beautiful sky makes me wants to enjoy coffee. Then again everything do does everything else. :) (Taken with Instagram)